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If you had all the best tools for learning what would that include?

That's exactly what you get with Everyone's E-Learning. Once you've had the experience of this level of interaction and support, there is no turning back! That's because Everyone's E-Learning makes it effortless.

Dreamweaver is a visual (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) WYSIWYG editor that makes HTML coding as easy as using your word processor (once you get the hang of it). We chose this software package for its versatility and easy to use interface. If you have never written a line of code, you can be up and running in a few weeks, creating and managing your own site or online store. Really!

So what do you need to begin? If you are sitting in front of a computer with an Internet connection and headphones or speakers, you need only to purchase the Dreamweaver CS4 Level 1 course here or purchase the Dreamweaver CS4 Level 2 course here and within 24 hours you will receive an email providing you with your login information.

“Learning at your convenience, when and where it works for you.” That's what our customers have asked for and that's what we deliver.


Corie Farnsley

“I am taking a Dreamweaver training course from Everyone's E-learning right now that's fantastic. With a single book as my resource, I wiggled my way through designing my own Web site when I launched my business in 2007, and I thought I did OK. But it was clear that I had tons to learn! Myra's course helped me realize in just a few short lessons that there are more efficient ways to work within the software, and I have learned more already (in just the first five lessons) than I had using the book as my guide four years ago. I am really looking forward to the rest of the Dreamweaver CS4 Level 1 Course and am eagerly awaiting the start of Level 2 in February. Best of all, I can't wait to redesign my Web site when I finish the courses! I am so thankful Everyone's E-learning is providing this resource. It's an amazing gift to small business owners like me!”

Corie Farnsley
Corie Communications

Indianapolis, Indiana

Don Klausmeyer

“Myra's introductory webinar-based Dreamweaver CS4 courses are a real godsend to me -- they're a great introductory overview, they're available for replay at a times that are convenient to me, and of course they provide a good solid grounding in the material. Since I'm pursuing as a personal development, it's a great advantage that Myra is offering these in this easy-to-access format. Find the recording to the first in the series on Myra's Facebook page at”

Don Klausmeyer
Global Employee Communications Manager
HP Enterprise Services
Dallas, TX

Don Klausmeyer

For the last several weeks, I have been attending an excellent series of live webinars on using Dreamweaver CS5 for design and styling web pages using CSS.

CSS is the modern standard for laying out and styling web pages and everyone who is involved in the design of web sites needs to know about CSS. However, there can be a daunting learning curve.

That's where Myra Rhodes and Everyone's E-Learning Inc. come to the rescue. Myra has prepared a complete set of online interactive Dreamweaver training lessons that you can purchase as a package or you can buy through a monthly subscription through her web site.

But here's the best part: Myra has recently upgraded the package for Dreamweaver CS5 and she is presenting the newly revised lessons in a series of live webinars. You can sign up for these through her web site.

Myra has a very cheerful, friendly teaching style that makes learning the material a breeze. The complexities of CSS and Dreamweaver dissolve away with Myra's concise, easy-to-learn units.

I highly recommend Myra Rhodes and Everyone's E-Learning Inc. for Dreamweaver training.

Brad Grigor
Digital Artist, Illustrator & Designer
Turning Point Arts
Ladysmith, BC

Michael Heavener


“Dreamweaver's been something of a "dark side of the moon" program for me - scary, complex, and difficult to unravel. But I just participated in Everyone's E-learning's online Dreamweaver course hosted and taught by Myra Rhodes ( I enjoyed the course and was impressed by Myra's depth of knowledge and how much I was able to learn in a very short time.
Take my word for it. You won't regret a minute of the time you spend on this course.”

Michael Heavener
Corporate Communications & Marketing
Seattle, WA

Fatema Somji

“The Dreamweaver CS5 interactive tutorials by Everyone's E-Learning are very informative and easy to follow with point by point explanations. I would always spare my time to learn from Myra. Training not to be missed.”

Fatema Somji
Technical Manager
Coastal Image Technologies Ltd.
Mombasa Kenya

Mi'chele Jubilee

“Our staff has set out to find the best tool to assist us in updating our website and we happily want to share our findings with you. In our opinion, the best way to learn how to use Dreamweaver CS5 is the dynamic training program by Everyone's E-Learning Inc. In less than two months time we have gained sound knowledge in the fundamentals of creating and editing a website via Everyone's E-Learning online training. The hands on exercises guide you through step by step procedures to develop a creative, powerful and informative website for PC users and MAC users alike.”

Mi'chele Jubilee
Office Manager
Arts for Learning
Miami FL



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