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Beverly Garvin and the Laws of Attraction for Onine Marketing

Myra Rhodes - Monday, February 01, 2010

Have you ever wondered what the key is to generating long term profitable results for your website? I recently talked with Beverly Garvin about how she educates people on how to get found online, how to generate leads and increase sales using inbound marketing strategies and her seven laws of attraction for online marketing.

When asked what inspires Beverly to want to help others to build their relationships, Beverly talks about the enjoyment she gets from helping others to learn and expand their horizons into areas they may not have previously considered. Beverly’s company, Urban Interact has developed the trademark series, * ATTRACT * ENGAGE * CONVERT * REPEAT! tm trademarked series in order to eliminate the confusion that many of her clients experience when faced with the technology involved with social media tools when it comes to interactive marketing.

Many people do not have the technical skills or the marketing staff that they need to get found and to generate leads. Beverly’s educational series helps people to develop those skills and to learn at an entry user level and to help her clients understand what kinds of things they need to do to generate leads and to be better informed on how to grow their business.

When asked how long it takes for a person to get up and running on all these various skills required to make use of the social media tools out there, Beverly points out that it is an ongoing process, that technologies change every day and it is their goal at Urban Interact to stay on top of those things and to be aware of what the latest trends are so that people who might not live and breathe in that environment every day, don’t have to be so overwhelmed with what’s going to work or what’s not, or being confused with what to focus on first.

ATTRACT is the first in the series that we talk about in this interview. In order to attract people to a website, Beverly introduces the latest buzz word, ‘inbound marketing’. She is finding that small and medium sized businesses are really wanting to participate in the web. Inbound marketing allows them to dip their foot in the water and try some things that work and figure out what to do. Beverly says that it is more about using your brain instead of your wallet. It’s about putting some muscle behind your marketing as opposed to ‘writing a big fat cheque’. For a lot of small and growing businesses, they don’t have a lot of resources to put in. Or maybe they have some but they need to make sure that those dollars are focused in the right areas. Inbound marketing techniques consist of doing things that allow you to engage with your active audience at a level that large companies can also engage and to be able to play in a very effective field that helps your website to get found without having to spend a whole lot of money to do that.

People, Beverly points out, are turning to the web in record numbers for educational and entertainment purposes and for a variety of things that they’re looking for. These things, according to Beverly are changing the way people communicate market and sell. The traditional methods of how brands have grown over time have been repetitive marketing messages that you might see on TV over and over again. These messages are blasted at you repeatedly in the hopes that they will translate into sales. Now some of that, she says, does work today. However, for small and medium sized businesses, oftentimes that’s something that they just cannot afford to do. The beauty of the web is that it allows them to do some great things from a marketing standpoint without having to have a million dollar budget.

Beverly talks in-depth about Inbound marketing techniques that really allow you to get your marketing message out there and establish relationships with people. That’s what drives the effectiveness of inbound marketing, that you’re no longer just interrupting people.

But what about my fears as a marketer, I asked Beverly. Perhaps I’m not too sure about my skills as a writer or as a public speaker. That question takes Beverly to the laws of attraction.

Attraction is something that makes people want to engage with your brand or your website or your marketing initiatives. Attraction, as it relates to your web site really pulls us into the first law of attraction which is, ‘Content is King’. Beverly admits that we have all heard that phrase for many years now. But she has some very interesting insights into the content you produce and how important it is in creating value for your website.

I asked Beverly, “when you’re trying to drive qualified leads to your website, should you think of your customers in terms of being your friends? Or to what degree should you really be careful about that?” Beverly’s response was that, while it really depends on your business, she personally prefers a more casual approach in content. This is because if it sounds like a brochure, for a person reading that on your website the first thing they’re thinking is, “but what’s in it for me?” So Beverly prefers something a little more casual and conversational so that it doesn’t come across too ‘salesey’ or too impersonal to the person visiting your site.

The next topic that Beverly addresses is the various ways of engaging your audience. The first is the business-to-business and business-to-customer. She offers examples of each, some being so unorthodox it really makes you think that pretty much any business can get creative with their content.

Next, Beverly introduces the second law of attraction for online marketing, having a content management strategy calendar. She gives specific examples of how you can get organized to make all those content generating activities to happen. For more details you can listen to the interview on Blog Talk Radio or better still contact Beverly and attend one of her webinars.

Stay tuned for the next interview. There are five more laws of attraction for online marketing to come!

If you would like to get in touch with Beverly Garvin, her toll free number is 1-888 URBAN-19. Or you can visit Her twitter account is @UrbanInteract and you can find her on LinkedIn at

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