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Welcome to Everyone's blog where you'll find me musing about anything related to online business and web design. One of my favorite pastimes is interviewing other people in the industry about how they deal with the challenges of designing pages for their clients. You will hear about everything from how to attract people to your site to making the page behave for any browser, new or old. If you've got an idea for a blog, or for a radio show on Blog Talk Radio, please drop me a line at or just leave a comment here!

Laws of Attraction with Beverly Garvin - Part Two

Myra Rhodes - Monday, April 05, 2010

Beverly Garvin, CEO is the CEO of Urban Interact, an interactive marketing company that develops websites and marketing initiatives that intrigue, inform and inspire people to engage with brands for long term profitable results. Beverly specializes in using the web and social media technology to build relationships for businesses, organizations and individuals.
In my first interview with Beverly we talked about the first two laws of attraction of online marketing, ‘Content is king’ and to have a ‘content management marketing strategy’.
The third law of attraction for online marketing deals with writing content for people instead of search engine spiders. She talks about the kinds of things that people tend to do to try to rank their websites more favourably. But at the end of the day it is people coming to your website. So you really want to write for the human visitors to your website.  Beverly explains how you can write so that the SEO spiders will find you, but, more importantly so that the people who find your site are not disappointed.

Next Beverly talks about being buzz-worthy. It is about using insight and information to solve people’s problems.  Beverly talks about ways that some successful businesses are able to entertain their followers at the same time as they grow their business. She gives an example of a business as mundane as a shoe store which created an entire culture around their company and became the ‘amazon of shoe sales’! 
The fifth law of attraction for online marketing, is to use your brain and not your wallet. I can tell you from personal experience that there is a very significant message here for anyone starting out with an online business. So if you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on your marketing, Beverly has some great creative strategies for how you can put the gray matter to use to generate the kind of traffic you’re after without breaking the bank such as making use of the resources within your company to generate valuable content which ultimately results in more frequent and better qualified leads.
To accomplish all of this Beverly stresses the need to sit down with your marketing people and to map out a path of least resistance to discover some of the things that perhaps you haven’t thought of that you could put some existing resources toward.
Next is the sixth law of online marketing, is your ticket to good karma on the web, to be thankful and grateful. The key here is to provide reasons for people to want to know more and to tell other people about your products and services. It is important to be creative, but also to be kind and generous with the time and resources that you devote to your online marketing, because it really does pay off in the end.
And finally, the last law of attraction for online marketing is about getting the right people to your site and not just ‘a bunch of people’. This law is to share often and be social without devaluing what you do in the process. Here Beverly talks about how being social ties back into your SEO and supports your on-page and off-page optimization needs. It helps you generate qualified leads at the same time, enhancing your search engine ranking.
The interview is just under a half hour and I think you’ll gleen a whole lot of valuable tips for marketing your online business.  Have a listen at And just in case you’d like to find out more from Beverly, you can find her at her toll free number 1-888 URBAN-19. Or you can visit Her twitter account is @UrbanInteract and you can find her on LinkedIn at



Anonymous commented on 16-Apr-2010 01:20 PM
I wish someone had told me to use my brain and not my wallet a while back. Thanks for the good advice. I listened on Blog Talk Radio also. Awseome interview. Thanks.
Tania Forcier commented on 16-Apr-2010 01:26 PM
I found it interesting that the key to good karma on the web is to be thankful and grateful. Probably true of all things.

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