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CSS Junkie Big John Gallant

CSS  - Explaining the Cascade 

With CSS Junkie - 'Big John' Gallant

Do you know...

  • the difference between a tag attribute and a CSS style?
  • what the '!important' keyword does to a declaration?
  • what CSS 'pseudo-classes' are, and why they're different from regular classes?
  • what the 'child' and 'sibling' combinators are?
  • what happens when two CSS rules attempt to apply different values to the same property of an element, and why?
  • how the weighting system of CSS actually works?

If you answered "No" to most of these questions, then this webinar is for you!

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Crawling Bugs

Dealing With IE6

With CSS Junkie - 'Big John' Gallant

This set of two webinars is designed for the web designer who would like to have a better understanding of what can go wrong with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and how to fix it. Session A will focus on the ‘HasLayout’ issue and how Internet Explorer handles boxes. In Session B John will cover some minor bugs that can cause major frustration. Time permitting he will also provide some tips on how to use PNG files and how to avoid some problems with form fields. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned webmaster, there is something for you in this lively webinar. Learn about how easy it is to avoid the pitfalls of designing your pages with CSS for the legendary guru, 'Big John' Gallant.


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jQquery: Getting Started

With CSS Junkie - 'Big John' Gallant

Do you know how to write CSS selectors?
If so, you are halfway to using jQuery!
Learn to apply those CSS skills to jQuery
and all the sweet effects it offers. You will be
amazed at how easy it really is to do this stuff!
Join Big John for jQuery: Getting Started.